We have seen many clients who were forced into a product for which they were not suited, did not understand or did not need.

At TSO, we are driven by the desire to promote technology that we use ourselves and that we believe others will find of great value. Our efforts are motivated by the desire to provide options at lower price points with low barriers to entry and ease of use. We share products that can grow from small or medium usage to significantly larger usage – all within the same application – providing continuity and freedom to the business owner to do what they do best….provide the service or core product which they have been called to share.

Our product offerings remedy a gaping hole in the document management arena. One of our products allows companies to repurpose durable parts, reducing pollution and protecting the environment from additional manufacturing and additional trash. It improves the clients’ bottom line directly by refining their parts acquisition process and reducing that cost significantly.

Saving money. Saving time. Saving critical business documents and transactions. Saving the planet. That’s what we do.

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