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Managed Doc Svcs
Managed Document Services
If there was a service that allowed you to put your paper documents on a scanning device, hit send, and the next day those documents were fully labeled and stored in the Microsoft® cloud at a penny per page, would you like to try it risk free for 30 days?
With only a scanning device, MDS creates a no-risk, no-brainer service offering, that’s a natural fit for the copier sales teams to provide their Multi-Function Devices into their accounts. Traditional barriers for acquiring new client accounts just got removed!


  • No Contract. Pay as you go and only for what you use
  • No Large Capital Expenditure. (ECM typically $25,000 or more)
  • No Risk. (Get back your labeled documents at anytime)
  • Typically, less than a penny per page for online labeled documents that only require an internet connection to retrieve
  • Unlimited user licensing for internal and external users
  • Includes the service of storing and labeling the documents for the client, allowing client personnel to spend more time on important tasks instead of the laborious task of file labeling and file storage
  • Client scans with a one touch button on a copier or desktop scanner and the provided services do the rest
  • Microsoft® Cloud – Azure, means minimal IT involvement, if any


  • Extensive feature sets; sometimes complicated to use
  • User licensing usually starts around $200 per user
  • These systems usually require an upfront commitment of 60 months to pay for it, with endless maintenance support fees
  • Upfront cost of these systems results in much longer sales cycles, typically 6–18 months, leaving the client strained and confused
  • The client still needs personnel to manage the indexing labor even if an intelligent scanning module is also purchased
  • Usually requires extensive involvement with IT departments and a Subject Matter Expert for sales support on every deal
  • Heavy competition in this space for mid-range ECM applications
Mobile File Sharing
Mobile File Sharing
Give your team the ability to send and receive data instantly through online file sharing. Whether across company departments or to and from outside vendors, contractors, potential clients, or important customers, your files arrive immediately regardless of the size.
Profit w/o Expense
Sertech Parts Database
A cloud based parts database allows you to quickly find the reusable parts you need at a price that delivers greater profit.


  • 70–80% cost savings on repurposed parts managed in a clean and easy-to-use pure cloud-based application
  • On the fly access and shipping capabilities for the technicians in the field via their smart phones
  • Numerous reports available for accountability and tracking
  • Secure SaaS Model SQL Database utilizing the Microsoft® Cloud that only requires an internet connection
  • No large capital expenditure or user license fees
  • System fees and access are built on a cost savings sharing model
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We’ve been in the office equipment industry for 30 years. This exposure helped sharpen and clarify the vision of unmet client needs and their desires for powerful and simple-to-use tools. We have also spent many years working alongside highly successful people with great faith and servants’ hearts who encouraged and motivated us to raise our level of thinking. One inspirational book that guided us is Better Off by Dr. James W Jackson, founder of Project C.U.R.E. His fundamental goal in business was to be sure everyone involved in a transaction ends up better off. “We succeed only to the extent that we make people better off.” We strive to emulate that philosophy along with incorporating the Golden Rule so that mutual benefit prevails between all parties.


The Better Off Philosophy

At TSO, we have had the privilege to work alongside highly successful people of great faith and servants’ hearts who encouraged and motivated us to raise our level of thinking.

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